Navigating Reverse – Now available in bulk

Navigating Reverse – Now available in bulk

While single copies have been available at, we have now stocked the same copies on our STORE for bulk orders (10 or more) at discounted prices.

The pitfalls that current borrowers, surviving spouses, and heirs may encounter have never before been the subject of a book. And we know that bad experiences invariably occur when these individuals don’t understand the nuances of the product later in the life of the loan.

Navigating Reverse was written to solve these problems so that homeowners and their loved ones have the best possible experience with this great product.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) saw the need for this content when the agency asked this valid question in 2017:

“What difficulties have Non-Borrowing Spouses, heirs, and successors in interest had in obtaining information about HECMs and understanding and exercising their rights?” – 2017 HECM Final Rule

The comments that followed were the genesis of this book. The HECM product is an outstanding financial tool, but the confusion we’ve seen in subsequent years is undeniable. Consider some of the industry issues that could’ve been solved with proper guidance:

  • Non-borrowing spouses were largely unaware they may be able to remain in the home after the death or incapacity of the borrowing spouse.
  • Heirs were added to the title prior to the death of their parent, not knowing that action could create problems.
  • Borrowers were concerned about the security of their reverse mortgage proceeds after their lender file for bankruptcy.
  • Borrowers and their advisors were confused about their rights and responsibilities after their homes were damaged by natural disasters.

I wrote Navigating Reverse to address these issues and 65 more in the same easy-to-read format as Understanding Reverse. We all need common-sense explanations of the features, terms, rights, responsibilities, and strategies. To accomplish this, I set out to write this book with two standards in mind:

  • Answer each question concisely on one page, and
  • Document the regulatory sources for as many answers as possible.

Whether you are a mortgage professional, an existing borrower, or a borrower’s trusted advisor, my sincere hope is that Navigating Reverse will create the most positive outcomes for you as you navigate a reverse mortgage.