As an established reverse mortgage industry educator, writer, speaker, and advocate, I have the honor of helping others develop a better understanding of reverse mortgages. While I generally teach the nuts & bolts of the federally-insured HECM product, I’ve also had the pleasure of coaching and educating others on strategic uses of reverse mortgages in retirement.

I began writing the book Understanding Reverse in 2012 and published the first edition in 2014. This book quickly became both an industry resource and a marketing piece as it simplifies the reverse mortgage. The book is updated annually and new editions are released in January.

One of my passions is creating simple tools to explain complex topics. Nowhere has this been more evident than the development of the mobile app called RapidReverse. This application is available as an iOS download for most Apple devices and through GooglePlay for Android devices. It is designed for the loan originator on the go. Within 10 seconds, the calculator provides principal limits and net principal limits for a traditional HECM refinance. It also provides the required investment for a HECM for Purchase.

My knowledge of finance and the mortgage industry has allowed me to promote the advantages and proper use of reverse mortgages. I enjoy speaking about the technical aspects of the industry, and have been featured at NRMLA and MBA events over the last 10 years.

Dan Hultquist