Reverse Mortgages Made Simple

Reverse Mortgages Made Simple – 3 Book Series

About the Series

All three books are short and easy to read. Each book has a different focus, and answers the top 20 questions related to that topic. Here are some key features of the book series:

  • They are small professionally-bound books
  • These will not be available on Amazon or in stores
  • They don’t have a price or ISBN number on the back
  • These do not promote any lender or highlight me

These books are resources that you can provide your referral partners and clients to make sure they understand the basic uses of the product.

Homeowner’s Guide

These are to be given to homeowners and other parties interested in learning the basics of reverse mortgages.

Financial Planning Guide

These are to be given to savvy homeowners as well as financial services professionals and those that use them, including estate attorneys, CPAs, and insurance agents.

Home Buying Guide

These are for real estate professionals and consumers looking to downsize, upsize, or relocate to another home during retirement.

Each book in this series may only be purchased in large quantities in this site’s store: