New Edition of Understanding Reverse

Because of a busy travel schedule, I haven’t had the chance to blog and make these announcements… but no time like the present!

  • The 2017 EDITION of Understanding Reverse is available and doing very well
  • BULK DISCOUNTS are available at the NEW UnderstandingReverse store
  • SPECIAL OFFER is available through the month of March (see below)

Sales of the new 2017 edition have far outpaced last year’s edition. This is primarily due to the continued backing the book has received within the reverse mortgage and financial planning communities. Thank you so much to everyone for supporting the book and for promoting the proper understanding of the HECM product. Special thanks to the following organizations:

  • Reverse Mortgage Daily
  • ReverseVision
  • Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
  • ReverseFocus
  • Open Mortgage
  • Mortgage Consultants Group
  • HighTech Lending
  • Retirement Cash Flow (RCF) Group
  • CapStar Financial
  • imortgage
  • Celink
  • ROKA Wealth Strategists
  • Lakeland Bank
  • The Mortgage House
  • Springwater Capital
  • C2 Financial
  • FirstBank
  • Gulf Coast Bank and Trust
  • American Pacific Mortgage Group
  • Homeowners Financial Group
  • Liberty Home Equity Solutions


The 2017 edition contains many minor changes like the HECM lending limit increasing from $625,500 to $636,150. In addition, there are some changes to the language used to explain certain concepts, making the book more compliant. Many of you will appreciate the addition of the PLF Reference Guide in the back of the book.


Despite initially being written for the consumer, the majority of sales haven’t come from Amazon. Most of the copies are sold in bulk to professionals within the financial services sector. Part of the reason for this is that the book was written to be “lender-neutral.” In addition lenders find it works well as an employee resource guide. However, if you happen to purchase a book from Amazon, please make sure you leave a review.


Even though the retail price of the book dropped to $17.95 for 2017, bulk orders can get expensive when purchasing through Amazon. So, to make the book more affordable for national training programs, marketing campaigns, and client giveaways, we have made copies available at a discount at

With bulk orders, per book pricing ranges between $9 and $12, with no shipping and handling charges.


For the remainder of the month of March, we are offering a special. For every purchase of 20 books from the store, receive 5 books free with your shipment. This brings your cost per book down to top tier pricing.

For more information on the strategic uses of the reverse mortgage product, please subscribe to this blog and purchase your own copy of Understanding Reverse 2017.

Thank you,

Dan Hultquist

2 thoughts on “New Edition of Understanding Reverse

  1. Suzette Blackburn

    I still have people talk about how wonderful the interview you did on my radio show Financial Wi$e here in Austin.
    Thank you again for all your wonderful explaining of the program.

    1. Dan Hultquist Post author

      That’s so nice of you to say, Suzette. Thanks for taking to the time to explore the strategic uses of this program. Because you understand how a home equity nest egg can provide increased financial security for older homeowners, that puts you in a pretty elite class of financial professional.

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