A New Addition, and a New Edition of Understanding Reverse


Some of you were curious about my absence in February. I generally avoid adding personal information to my professional blog. Nevertheless, my writing was placed on hold for a month as a result of a more pressing need. My wife and I traveled to China, and returned with a new addition to our family, Gabriel William Hultquist. Gabe, has been nothing short of a massive blessing to our family, and we are thankful for the assistance we received from friends, family, strangers, and industry professionals.


Gabe and his adoption registration in Nanchang, China


I’m happy to say that sales of the new edition of Understanding Reverse have also been amazing. This is primarily due to the backing the book received from within the reverse mortgage community. Thank you so much to everyone for supporting this endeavor!

The new edition of Understanding Reverse was published shortly before the New Year, and Reverse Mortgage Daily announced the release shortly thereafter. As a result of that press, the book moved into Amazon’s top 20 books within the “Retirement Planning” category for January. Any time a technical, mortgage-related, book breaks into the top 10,000 on Amazon’s best seller list, the author has to be extremely pleased. So, thank you RMD and thank you Shannon Hicks, President of Reverse Focus, for picking up the story, and airing it during your weekly podcast.


The new edition contains 5 new chapters and updates to existing chapters. In addition, a comprehensive glossary has been added to the end of the book. The new chapters include:

  • What is “Financial Assessment?”
  • What are the different uses for Reverse Mortgages?
  • When is a Reverse Mortgage not a good option?
  • What should I expect during servicing?
  • What is a “HECM-to-HECM Refinance?”


As was the case in 2015, the majority of the sales are NOT through Amazon. They are actually sold in bulk to other professionals within the financial services sector. This appears to be because the book was written to be “lender-neutral” and also because the book works well as a client giveaway.

Book Cover 2016

In addition, I have received a lot of feedback that the book is appealing in the way it documents where the guidelines can be found, whether that be the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, FHA Mortgagee Letters, or HUD handbooks.


As we have discussed, the book has been used for national training programs, marketing campaigns, and client giveaways. For this reason, bulk orders can get expensive when purchasing through Amazon.com. So, several lenders have requested bulk copies at a discount for industry professionals.

For bulk orders, your books will be shipped directly from the printer, and the order may take extra time to fulfill. Simply reach out to me at understandingreverse.com if you are interested in receiving 10 or more copies.

For more information on the strategic uses for the Reverse Mortgage product, please subscribe to this blog and purchase your own copy of Understanding Reverse.

Dan Hultquist