Finally! A book to simplify the New Reverse Mortgage

On a recent flight, the passenger next to me asked, “What do you do?” I have begun to enjoy seeing the reactions when I reply, “I educate others on the proper use of reverse mortgages.” Predictably, she replied, “I sure hope I never need one of those.” THAT reaction is precisely why I wrote UNDERSTANDING REVERSE.

I have spent several years studying, selling, and teaching the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM), the popular federally-insured reverse mortgage product. The conclusion I, and other industry professionals, have come to is this:

When I turn 62, I WANT a HECM.

The federal government has established guidelines that, while complex, make this a financial tool every homeowner age 62 and older should consider, whether they need it or not. As evidence, consider that executives in my industry are getting HECMs for themselves and their family members. Unfortunately, our understanding of the product is different than that of the average homeowner. It appears we need a better understanding of reverse mortgages.

In response, I have written a book, titled Understanding Reverse that addresses the most common questions I get. The goal was not only to simplify the new reverse mortgage, but also to create a reference guide for answering those questions in the most compliant way. The book begins by answering the basics – what is a reverse mortgage? Every chapter that follows builds on previous chapters until the reader has a more comprehensive understanding from which to make financial decisions.

This web page, on the other hand, will include ongoing blog discussions about reverse mortgage concepts. This should also contribute to a better understanding of the product.

In addition to being an author and educator, I am the only Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional (CRMP) residing in Georgia. If you know someone curious about reverse mortgages, share this link. From here they can purchase the book and stay current with ongoing discussions through this blog.

For the other mortgage professionals that follow my writing, I would love to see your comments about how you plan to use a reverse mortgage during retirement.

As I post more blogs on this site, you will find that I am passionate about educating the public and correcting misconceptions. In fact, the skeptical passenger has since reached out to me for more information and is exploring her options. Whether she decides this is an option for her or not, that is one additional homeowner that now has a better understanding.

Dan Hultquist