Bring on 2021!

Of course, it goes without saying that 2020 had its challenges. However, it was a rewarding year as well – our products and services have helped many older homeowners endure an exceedingly difficult time.


Once again, the book has been updated for the new year. This seventh edition includes approximately 70 changes, including updated language related to rate indices, new HECM limits, and a new chapter titled, “What are the Income Requirements?

The book is now available on Amazon as well as our website.


If you choose to purchase books directly from our website, there is one very notable change. The back is designed to promote the lender, instructor, referral partner, or loan originator that is providing the book. Your books should market you and your services, not me, right?

Notice there’s no price, barcode, ISBN#, or author bio. Instead, there is now room for you to market your business with a business card sleeve.

Note: Recommended business card sleeves can be found here.


Some of you know that we did a soft launch of three smaller books in Q2-2020. This includes our Homeowner Guide, Financial Planning Guide, and Home Buying Guide.

The feedback we’ve received has been excellent. These new books are affordable and tailored to different audiences. In addition, these marketing pieces strip out unnecessary regulatory language and highlights just what the audience needs to know.


The biggest request we received this year was to make smaller quantities of the resource guides available to loan originators and brokers. So, our website now allows any quantity from 10 to 1,000 for ALL products. For example, individual loan originators can now choose to buy as few as 10 Home Buying Guides to leave with local real estate professionals.


For our larger lenders using Understanding Reverse or any of the three resource guides for marketing campaigns, we now offer custom branded versions of these books with a minimum print run of 1,000 copies.

Please contact me for details.

Dan Hultquist